This portal gives you access to various projects of mine
The content gives you a view on my several "characters" through the past decades
Yes I am addicted to music, crazy about radio, and I was lucky that I was able to make from all of this my daily professional life
These days, I am doing it for fun, for reason that I like to do it
Meet Me, Myself and I. A better equation is, so far, not available
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Nothing is a waste of time, if you use the experience wisely


As dj MC harry Belgium and 44th Wave I make audio edits, post-productions and mixsets
I am most famous for my reads, drops and voice-overs who are used at worldwide AM, FM and internetradio stations
Some call Me "legend" for reason of the "magic" that I add to post-productions
I am also a wizzard to restore old(er) audio files to a "so good as new" WAV, aif or mp3

Check out some of my "beauties" by using the media players
I am a member to Soundcloud and MixCloud (links at the bottom of this page)


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AKA (also known as)

Through time and during my professional career I have been using different aliases
An overview ...
Philippe Derluyn

Family and friends know Me by my real name, however, after all those years some still call Me "harry"

dj MC harry Belgium

I started my first radio project in 1978, and made from that opportunity my daily professional business

44th Wave

As 44th Wave I make very often mixsets, video edits, audio post-productions and its the name of my Wordpress blog

Voice Over

Since decades You can hear my voice worldwide as station voice at many AM, FM and internetradio stations


From 2000 untill mid 2004 I was one of the "green" ones. Chatmaster at TEXTchat of the Belgian commercial TV channels of VTM, JIMtv and Kanaal2

MariFlor entertainment

As former pro voice-over I am offcourse familiar with Fiverr to keep the fun going


Once upon a time ... I wrote "My Inspirations" aka my brain waves in a WORD doc
After a while some told Me "hey man, write a book about that"
Well, I am not an author, neither a professional writer and writing several "chapters" has not my interests
The solution was to launch a blog at Wordpress
I don´t do regular (daily, weekly) updates, no political issues, but topics about "human interests" , my concerns about national, global and personal events
(link to the blog, at the bottom of this page)


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